Union Songs

Globalization Blues

A Song by Ray Korona©Ray Korona 2002

You can't hide in your bed;
You can't hide in your head.
They'll run over you; you'll be worse off than dead.
I'm talkin' globalization, globalization.
Drug dealing, money stealing globalization blues.

They say forget your suspicions;
Work in sweatshop conditions.
Sew some more sneakers and guard these munitions.
It's globalization, globalization.
People bashing, job smashing globalization blues.

They say your country's in debt
And you've got to pay.
If you want to eat then do what we say.
That's globalization, globalization.
Slave made, world trade globalization blues.

Since you can't get away
Better fight them today.
From Seattle to Prague, Manila Bay to LA,
It's globalization, globalization.
On the street, we're gonna beat the globalization blues.


Many thanks to Ray Korona for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is available on the Ray Korona Band's CD: The People Are In Charge! at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona4.

Visit Ray's website at www.raykorona.com.

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