Union Songs

Calling the Law

A Song by Ray Korona©Ray Korona 1997

Let your roving eyes peruse that memo
And your free hand grab this report.
Make a move now back into your office.
Try your luck with those lines at a singles resort.

The economy's rough and I try to earn a living.
It's hard enough with all the taking and giving.
I tell you right now you're heading straight for a fall.
If there's sexual harassment, I'm calling the law.

I'm not hear as your loving date
Or to help your libido unwind.
This is nine-to-five, not fantasy island.
Bring your newspaper here, leave your "Hustler" behind.

repeat chorus

You can let it loose in your bedroom;
Do your thing in a men's room stall.
But when you come here on a work day,
It's not okay for you to drool and paw.

repeat chorus

You can compliment me on my job skills
Not on how much you enjoy the view.
There are lots of things I've learned to put up with,
But I'll tell you one of them sure isn't you.

repeat chorus

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Many thanks to Ray Korona for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is available on the Ray Korona Band's A Friend Like You CD at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona1 and the $5 Working Peoples Music Tape (CD) at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona2.

Visit Ray's website at www.raykorona.com.

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