Union Songs

The Office Song

A Song by Ray Korona©Ray Korona 1992

They stretch you like a rubber band.
They twist you like a paper clip.
They smear you with correction fluid.
Replace you with a micro chip.

The day's too long and the pay's too small at the office.
It's just plain wrong how they make people crawl at the office.
Have you had enough neglect? How about a little respect!
If you'll be strong, they'll be an overhaul at the office.

Bridge 1:
Do you get honest work for honest pay
Or minimum wage for maximum day?
Do you work overtime without compensation
While they take the profits and a vacation.

They ride you like an elevator.
Spin you like a swivel chair.
Drop you in the out basket.
Stab you with any icy stare.


Bridge 2:
It's easy to see, you're just being baited,
When they smile and say you're so liberated.
Serving them coffee, fulfilling their wishes.
You could have stayed home and done your own dishes.

They drive you like a staple gun.
Slam you like a file drawer.
Hang you on a balance sheet.
Walk on you like the office floor.


Sound the gong and raise a battle call at the office.
Before too long those kings are gonna fall at the office.
Sing this song and you can change it all at the office.


Many thanks to Ray Korona for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is available on the Ray Korona Band's It's Still the 60's CD at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona3 and the $5 Working Peoples Music Tape (CD) at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona2.

Visit Ray's website at www.raykorona.com.

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