Union Songs

Rudyard Winston Zimmerman's 119th dream

A Song by Guy Rundle©Guy Rundle 2007
(Tune Bob Dylan's Mr Jones)

If you think you'll keep your seat when those about you
Will be losing theirs and blaming it on you
If you're the one rusted on to power, who
Realised too late that you were through
If you rose like Lazzy with new ticker
And lied for practice while you worked the phones
Then respec', but here's the kicker
You don't seem to know what's hit you, Mr Jones

If you can smear Norwegian tanker masters
And seeing drowning children, stop and aim
If you can meet with Crosby and with Textor
And still not lose your breakfast, all the same
If you thought that being writ off by Mackerras
Made it all-but-sure that you would not be binned
How come a man who conga'd for the sherriff
Didn't hear the blow of idiot wind?

If you've stayed in the kitchen, mixing med'cine
And forgot that every Joker has their price
If you believed in Shanahanalbrechtsen
Well that suggests you sniffed the wrong drainpipes
And if listening to Bob for the arrangements
Has made his words your funerary ode-
Then you didn't get the climate was a changin
You sad-arsed laddie, sad-arsed laddie of the low roads

And if you fall in a heap when losing power
For gambling on a flatline interest rate
It's because, dogwhistling on watchtowers
You didn't hear the hour getting late
And if we can be forgiven for a minute
Of shouting – before the sellouts numb -
'The world's ours and everything in it.
And what's more, our Tampa's come in
Our Tampa's come in, our Tampa's come in,
My son'

And how will it feel?
If you make it home?
Then it will be clear
Everybody must get stoned.


Many thanks to Guy Rundle for permission to add this song to the Union Songs website.

On 24 November 2007 Australia booted out the Howard Government. The prime minister, John Howard, made history by losing his seat as well.

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