Union Songs


A Poem by John Tomlinson©John Tomlinson 2008

Who's the man behind the gun?
Is he every mother's son?
Does he think this war is won?
Who's the man behind the man?
Who's the one who's in command?
What is it he doesn't understand?

He's the man who makes the war.
Does he know what he's fighting for?
It's a war against the poor.
It's a war to steal their oil,
to take their land and thieve their toil.
The President sells the old snake oil.

Will the man behind the gun
join with every mother's son
and learn that war cannot be won?
Will the man behind the man,
give away his sleight of hand
and understand the peace command?


Many thanks to John Tomlinson for permission to add this song to the Union Songs website.

John writes:
Written after watching this short 4 minute video

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