Union Songs

What Makes A Place?

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A Song by Aidan Jolly©Aidan Jolly 2008

Forest grow trees branch wolves walk deer dance -
Thickets sliced on shining blade forests fall and cattle graze

Distant fire racing stam shaking thunder asphalt streams
Roads push through fields bound cultivate the garden ground
What makes a place?

Dig crop blade the grass concrete brick iron glass
Buildings grow streets branch children play foxes dance
What makes a place?
What makes it what it is?

Agri deserts glowing green shattering the insects dream
Mobile masts electric screams silencing the song of spring
What makes a place?
What makes it what it is?

Soil and water shut away tomorrow's dreams asleep today
Hidden beyond behind between island woods andsecret streams
What makes a place?
What makes it what it is?

Here we stand on borderlands we hold the future in our hands
Empty sky or swallows curve we make the place that we deserve
We make the place
We make it what it is


Many thanks to Aidan Jolly for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is from his 2008 CD 'State of Hysteria'

Visit Aidan's website at http://aidanjolly.com

Find more of Aidan Jolly's work in this collection

Aidan writes:

If there is a theme to these songs it's about people on the move ...people have always moved, and always will, whether from one side of the world to the other, or from one part of a country
to another. What kind of a world would it be if everyone stayed where they were born, or where they were put? Everywhere the walls go up, the borders are drawn, and the cameras are there to track us all as we travel up and down the motorways, the airports, the stations ... somewhere in some vast data-centre, there'll be a red light flashing just for you. So make sure you have nothing to hide. Live quietly. And never ask who is watching ... or why ...

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