Union Songs

Easy Terms

A Song by Don Henderson©1958 Don Henderson

- [play]

Just when you were thinking how living costs have soared;
the basics all seem luxuries which you cannot afford;
a smooth tongued credit manager convinces you, you can,
when you've heard the merits of his easy purchase plan.

But easy terms aren't easy when you haven't a razoo.
Low interest doesn't mean a thing when the payment's overdue.
No deposit won't change the fact, when the bailiffs are all through,
that you don't own a single thing, the loan company owns you.

Maybe a little reckless, you go on a spending spree.
Everything you've ever wanted, for the asking, on H.P.
Is the good life now yours to enjoy or were you sold a pup,
as you're working nights and weekends just to keep the payments up.

Then one day you lose your job and very soon you find
a letter in the mail to say your account's a month behind.
Then comes a final notice, backed up by threats galore,
from burly debt collectors who keep pounding at your door.

No, your car won't be as shiny and your clothes won't be as flash,
but you got the best terms in the world, if the terms were strictly cash.
The moral of this story, is one you should remember;
your mother won't forget you, son, nor will your money lender.


Many thanks to Sally Henderson for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Bill Berry and Tom Flood recorded this version during the GFC (Global Finacial Crisis)

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