Union Songs

Environmental evangelism makes no friends

A Song by Nicholas Mueller©Nicholas Mueller 2009

- [play]

I've been autonomously active as part of a collective and not getting paid a cent
Turning off lights and riding my bike all for the environment
I've been planting trees growing seeds guerrilla gardening you can see it in my eyes
I was part of a committee that was getting real shitty now all I do is despise

The people who smoke cigarettes and drive a car
There were plans to burn down fast food restaurants but you know it went too far
I hope it makes a difference in the end
Cause environmental evangelism makes no friends

I thought my friends would take it hard but I believed my family
Would come with me on the path to environmental sustainability
Wasn't like I was asking them not to wash just to have a bath instead
In the water that had been used previously by the dishwasher but they turned to me and said

"Nick your evangelism is testing our patience
Your constant nagging on greenpower and your beany flatulence
Maybe it's time you moved out with your friends."
But environmental evangelism makes no friends.

Now I'm squatting in a disused house in a quiet dead-end street
And the people that I'm living with are being followed by police
We don't like waste so we dumpster dive in supermarket bins
Spend our days reading new internationalist learning about the crappy things

Corporations do to our country all of the time
Woodchipping old growth forests, digging big arse mines
It's times like this I could do with a friend.
But environmental evangelism makes no friends.


Many thanks to Nicholas Mueller and The Lurkers for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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