Union Songs

Get foxy news

A Song by Martin Cubby©Martin Cubby 2009

- [play]

There’s a dead dog lying in the village well, but the people are distracted by Murdoch’s bell
It’s ringin’ and a singin’ saying it’ll be fine, the dead dog water tastes just like wine

Have you heard of Rupert, he’s your billion dollar man, he’s selling advertising anyway he can
News is limited, truth is hard to find, hype, sex, fear it sells every time.

Extra, extra read all about it
Extra extra you hear them cry
Extra, extra read all about it
Get foxy news and get a head full of lies

Get yourself an opinion that race is the key and you can blame the black man for the white man's greed
Tabloid tittle tattle, small screen soap, hang another immigrant from a bourgeois rope

Extra extra…

He’s got politicians thinking they need a little bit of Rupert if they want to lead
So tune right in and turn off your mind, tune right in and you’ve accepted the bribe.

Extra, extra…


Many thanks to Martin Cubby and The Lurkers for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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