Union Songs

You girls

A Song by Mithra Cox©Mithra Cox 2009

- [play]

There's a sign on my street
Says "you girls you better take care
Cause these crazy men they're everywhere
Catch a cab, don't walk alone, in fact it's safer to stay at home"
So you girls, you girls, you better take care

So when the sun goes down don't you venture out of doors
And if it happens, don't say that you weren't warned
Cause these streets they're no place
For a woman to show her face
So you girls, you girls you better take care

When I was a girl I was told that I was free
To live and love and stand on my own two feet
All alone and unafraid
To live life my own way
And now I'm told I'm told I better take care.


Many thanks to Mithra Cox and The Lurkers for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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