Union Songs

Little Ballad For Americans

A poem by Edwin Rolfe©Edwin Rolfe 1954

Brother, brother, best avoid your workmate-
Words planted in affection can spout a field of hate.

Housewife, housewife, never trust your neighbor-
A chance remark may boomerang to five years at hard labor.

Student, student, keep mouth shut and brain spry-
Your best friend Dick Meriwell's employed by the F.B.I.

Lady, lady, make you phone calls frugal-
The chief of all Inquisitors has ruled the wire-tap legal.

Daughter, daughter, learn soon your heart to harden-
They've planted stoolies everywhere; why not in kindergarten?

Lovers, lovers, be careful when you're wed-
The wire-tap grows in the living room, in auto, and in bed.

Give full allegiance only to circuses and bread;
No person's really trustworthy until he's dead.


This poem was by Edwin Rolfe during the McCarthy period.