Union Songs

The T- Shirts & The Blood

A Song by Ed Pickford©Ed Pickford mcps/prs 2010

I was far away from home - when I heard that the strike was done
Lasted so long that the snow turned into sun
Sun turned into rain - then back to snow again
It was long hard times when the union strike was on

We had stood there side by side - on the picket line with pride
We were broke and we were hungry day and night
Knew our cause was just and unity brings trust
There comes a time when a tribe has the choice to die or fight

It rained policemen's sticks
We had stones – we had bricks
We held the line for longer than we should
Horses mowed us down
We were beaten on the ground
And we won't forget - the T-shirts and the blood

With their shields and the riot gear – using violence and fear
Assassins in blue we knew were psyched for war
Drummed their sticks and feet – ready to maim and beat
As they dished out pain for gain in the name of the law

On the day they starved us back -we all walked back up the track
To the place of work we knew would soon be gone
Held our heads up high – gave one last battle cry
For we all knew that our town would die when the strike was done


Many thanks to Ed Picford for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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