Union Songs

Retirement of a Unionist

A poem by David G. Hurlburt©David G. Hurlburt 2010

How can a unionist ever really retire.
When through their life they were tested by fire.
When they pass the torch to younger brother,
The union becomes their father and mother.

Righting work place wrongs is a job never done
Each new day the unionist fights with the rising sun
For each day brings a new struggle to be won
There were sorrows and tears and sometimes fun.

The contracts that are settled or grievances won,
The picket lines walked under the high hot sun.
The meetings with members and picket signs
The chants and the shouts sprinkled with rhyme.

You will never forget the empathy and the good fights
You can never quit trying to change the wrong to right.
The young ones can learn from your knowledge and wit;
From your experience, your hopes, your smile and your grit.

You are part of the family so where ever you roam
Keep in-touch with the union it will always be home.


Many thanks to David G. Hurlburt for permission to add this poem to the Union Songs collection. David is CWA Steward Local 9410

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