Union Songs

The Mad Monk

A song by John Dengate©John Dengate 2010
Tune: Vilikins and His Dinah/Dinky Di/ Sweet Betsy from Pike etc

Oh dear, just how low have the Liberals sunk.
They’ve chosen as leader the raving mad monk.
A royalist ratbag, a popish ex-pug:
Reactionary Tory, the monarchist thug.

They've sacked Malcolm Turnbull and put in his stead
A bloke who's been punched far too hard, round the head;
Too many left hooks which rather explains
The crackpot ideas that roll round his brains.

It's enough to send Methodists out on a binge –
He's a punchy ex-priest from the lunatic fringe
A failed Father Tony who's frightened of hell
And raises his fists at the sound of a bell.

They've chosen as leader a real troglodyte,
A cruiserweight lout from the party's far right
A punch-throwing papist. Oh, times must be grim
For the Tories to choose a mad bastard like him.

Repeat first verse.


Many thanks to John Dengate for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

The Mad Monk is Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott elected by a majoriy of one of his colleagues at the end of 2009

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