Union Songs

The Last Selfish Generation

A Song by Smokey Dymny©Smokey Dymny 2005

- [play]

Tell me, Daddy why's the world getting hotter?
What'll happen, when there's not enough water?
Where are the icebergs all going?
Why're the little kids not growing?

Tell me, Daddy, why we turn corn to gasoline?
What'll happen when the prairies can't grow wheat?
Where are the bees all going?
Why're there no fishes growing?

Listen Marty, when we won the last war,
We had chemicals, we couldn't use any more.
We invented chemical agriculture,
Now the soil's all spoiled for the future.

Listen Holly, we tried to stop a war,
But the fighting, went on much like before.
Wars to protect capitalism.
But the biggest was the war against reason.

Now I'm going, I'll be leaving you soon.
What I've left you, is this sad place of gloom.
The disasters in all of the nations,
Have been left by this selfish generation.
They've been left by the last selfish generation.
The last selfish generation.


Many thanks to Smokey Dymny for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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