Union Songs

Mr Murdoch's Song

A Song by John Dengate©John Dengate 2011
'I'm not responsible'... just totally irresponsible.
Tune: The Wearing of the Green

Mr Murdoch's very wealthy, there are lots of things he owns
But his speciality is tapping into other peoples' phones.
All the citizens of England, when they ring their kith and kin;
Say 'Hello' to Mr Murdoch, for he always listens in.

He's a snooping, prying bastard, he invades your privacy;
Cover up the bathroom keyhole if you go in for a pee.
If you ring up your girlfriend, don't be ardent or risqué
Or the whole of bloody Britain will be reading it next day.

Mr Murdoch may be wrinkled, Mr Murdoch may be aged
But he takes an avid interest when your telephone's engaged.
Keep the conversation flowing, don't be taciturn or strained -
That's not fair to Mr Murdoch, you must keep him entertained.


Rely on Mr Murdoch, all you Pommies, don't despair
If your telephone starts ringing, Mr Murdoch will be there.
With his earphones and recorders and his electronic gear -
Make sure that you enunciate ... he's deaf in his left ear.



Many thanks to John Dengate for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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