Union Songs


A Song by John Warner©2011 John Warner
Tune: Johnny Jump Up

That's a hundred for you and a million for me,
Eighty for you and two million for me,
The market is falling, the stockbrokers faint,
In this mood of recession there’s need for restraint.

We can't increase wages, we must retrench staff,
The market's unstable, just look at the graph,
Living costs money, well that’s how it goes,
We need all those millions for our CEOs.


Those people who doctor our figures each day,
Are well worth the bonus of millions we pay,
The super, the house, the new car and the perk,
What value the workers who do all the work?


To maximise growth is the corporate aim,
But let’s not grow wages, that would be a shame
So shut up, you workers who bang on the door,
Go live on less so that we can have more.



Many thanks to John Warner fr permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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