Union Songs


A Song by Dennis Aubrey©Dennis Aubrey 2012

- [play]

The helicopter gun ship crew thought that they were all just actors
There's video of men and children used for target practice
Wikileaks released it it's not rumour now it's fact
It's evidence of cowboys shooting up the town

And your dirty little secret aint a secret anymore
We know what you're doing in your dirty little war
It's the same thing you've been doing time and time and time before
Your dirty little secret aint a secret anymore

It's hard to keep a secret in the age of information
You push one little button and it's on every TV station
And anyone with eyes can see the situation
Now 'cos Julian Assange is around

Once upon a time, you know, when I was in my youth
US Army war machine would cover up the truth
But they can't do that anymore because now we've got the proof
Of the way they like to throw their weight around

Remember that old saying don't shoot the messenger
Well Julian Assange is a messenger - not a traitor
He held up a mirror to the people of the USA
to show them what is really going down


Many thanks to Dennis Aubrey for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Dennis writes
"Last week I got asked to sing at the Wikileaks rally on Sunday. The day before the rally (Woody's Guthrie's 100th birthday) this song came to me, I have been working on it this week."

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