Union Songs

Got My Union

A Song by Steve Suffet©Steve Suffet 2012

- [play]

Start on chorus:

Got my union to my left, got my union to my right,
Got my union front and back, got my union day and night.
Got my union to my up, got my union to my down,
I got my union all the way around.

I work nine hours every day upon my feet,
My boss he lives way down on easy street.
I make him a dollar, he pays me just a dime,
And every time I holler, he says it's a bloody crime. [chorus]

I had a gal, her name is Polly Ann,
She ran off with the mortgage finance man.
First he took my money, then he took my home,
Then he took my honey, and left me all alone. [chorus]

One of these days we're gonna rise and shine,
We're gonna hold the fort, we're gonna hold the line.
Dump the bosses off our backs, don't listen to their lies,
Solidarity forever means don't mourn - organize! [double chorus]


Many thanks to Steve Suffet for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Steve writes:
"I originally wrote "Got My Union" to sing at a union luncheon here in New York City three years ago, but I only recently got around to arranging it and then making a studio recording. I do the lead vocal and guitar, while the other voices are a chorus of People's Music Network members from the neighboring states of New York and New Jersey. "

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