Union Songs

Australia's on the Voting Trail

(Tune:'Australia's On the Wallaby') Words: Zoe A.Peal 2013

Australia's on the voting trail, oh hear the Pollie-waffle
Australia's on the voting trail and things are looking awful.
She's turning right and hard again she's lost her sense of fairness,
Her true-blue-tone of Mateship & political awareness.

The workers toil for bitter bread, the loafers work the system,
Of finance games and to their shame Voters don't resist ╩╗em,
The tyrants never feel the sting and many a corporation,
Can cleverly avoid their tax, and crucify the Nation.

The Murdoch Press can spin the words,tell lies ad-infinitum,
They have held sway for many a day and leaders do not fight him,
Yes Sir, Yes Sir, they often say to gain his strong approval,
While Rupert organises well, and sees to their removal.

So who will fly a rebel flag as others did before us,
And who will sing a rebel song and join in rebel chorus.
Let's show the polls they are not right let's show a bit of bottle,
Voting can reverse the trend, with no blood on the wattle.


Rupert Murdoch loves to pick winners in elections in Australia and elsewhere. In the 7 September election in Australia he has chosen Tony Abbott to win and his newspapers have followed suit with a flood of anti Labour stories and free promotion of Abbott. Murdoch's knack of picking winners however has had a recent remarkable failure in the United States, where Obama won despite Murdock's best efforts to out him.

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