Union Songs

You're Lucky That You Have a Job

A Song by S. Harvey©S. Harvey 2016

(To the tune of "The Soup Song/My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean")

You're lucky that you have a job, kid
You're lucky that you're getting paid.
You'd better just keep your mouth shut, kid
You'd better just stay well afraid

Lucky, Lucky
You're lucky that you have a job
Lucky, Lucky
You're lucky that you have a job

There's plenty of desperate people
who'll work for the money I pay
There's thousands more out there just like you
So you'd better just do things my way


As long as you keep your head down, kid
and think that you're all on your own
Well, I can just do what I like, kid
as long as you think you're alone

I don't want to hear One Big Union
or the rest of that old lefty crap
'cause I do live in fear of the prospect
that you'll organise out of my trap

So let's sing the song that I love most;
Of course it's "You Did It My Way"
You know you're a valued team member
as long as you do what I say


Many thanks to Steve Harvey for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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