Poems of Thobile Maso

Journey Of My Heart

The Autobiography of Thobile Maso

Poems of Thobile Maso

Absence of Hope
A Gravy Train
Deepening the Crisis
Dynamics of the Road
Financial war
The Historical Mission
How Long
I am the Educator
I am the Nightmare
I Know For Sure
A Journey Walker
Kings Of Special Type
A Matter to be Told
Ngu Vimba Wobani Lo
Never Again
No More, No More
Our Daily Sharks
Phantsi Nge - Privatisation
Power Corrupts
Rise and Share
Senzenina? (What Have We Done?)
Socialism is the Future
Solidarity Forever
Two Bulls In One Kraal
The Voice From Mid East
We Plead Not Guilty
We Thank You
What are we
Where we come from
Words of Wisdom
The Working Class
Worker's Prayer


Many thanks to Thobile Maso for permission to include his poems as part of the Union Songs collection.

Thobile writes

"Solidarity is the KEY to unite, defend and advance the interests of the workers of the world . As we all know that the key is an important instrument with the key you can open up that has been closed to the working class for so many years by capitalist class. Through solidarity in actionworkers can completely destroy the oppression and exploitation of person by person and remove racism, sexism and genders barriers among the workers so that they can reach each other to build socialist society without hunger, without misery and without Bosses. A society that will be controlled by the working class for the benefit of all."

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Jouney Of My Heart