Union Songs

Join Your Union

A song by John Warner©John Warner 2006
Tune Hymn "Bread of Heaven" - "Guide me oh thou great Jehovah/Redeemer"
Welsh tune: Cwm Rhondda. Composed by John Hughes (1873-1932).

- [play]

Join your union, join your union,
Friends, we need our unions now,
Friends, we need our unions now

Thieves grow rich and liars prosper,
Milking profit's sacred cow.
They make war to make their money,
How we need our unions now.

One man's pay for three men's labour,
Bosses' powers enshrined in law.
When our rights are torn and trampled,
How we need our unions more.

Women's rights and women's wages,
Fiercely fought and barely won,
Children's care and education,
Go where all our hopes have gone.

Shake the souls of union leaders,
Shout the message clear and plain,
Leave the desk, desert the boardroom,
Fight the workers' cause again.

Quiet words did not avail us,
Patience only earned defeat,
Unity's our only answer,
Join your unions on the street.

Stand with us and swell the numbers,
We are the majority.
Sing in chorus, raise the banners,
Union is victory.


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. Thanks to Christina Mimmocchi who recorded Margaret Walters and John Warner and sent me the mp3!

John Warner is the author of the song, "Bring Out the Banners" (http://unionsong.com/u034.html) which has been empowering unionists all over the world. He dedicates this new one to singer, Danny Spooner, with thanks "for making songs a weapon of mass reconstruction".

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