Union Songs

Australian songs dealing with IR laws

Song Author Listen
Howard’s Tambourine John Tomlinson & Penny Harrison  
Demon's Demand Eddy Current Supression Ring Play MP3  or  
ABCC Misery Union Maid Play MP3  or  
Small Price To Pay Dermot Dorgan  
Johnny Be Gone
Keith Price and Ken Brewer  
Know what you're standing in John Tomlinson  
Change happens Jim Sharp  
New Legislation Cathie O'Brien & Allan Caswell Play MP3
Ballad of Eureka Martin McKenna Play MP3  or  
We Will Sack You Bruce Watson  
It's So Simple Lachlan Hurse & Sue Monk  
Roads We Tread Lachlan Hurse & Sue Monk play MP3  or  
Celebrate the Strength: TWU anthem Lachlan Hurse & Sue Monk Play MP3  or  
Join Your Union John Warner Play MP3  or  
Here We Go Clem Parkinson Play MP3  or  
Scratchie Ticket Doesa Play MP3  or  
Rights in the Workplace Doesa Play MP3  or  
John Howard's Grave Dermott Ryder  
The Industrial Relations Laws John Dengate Play MP3  or  
The Contract Eric Bogle Play MP3  or  
The Eight Hour Day John Warner Play MP3  or  
Rapping with Johnny Howard John Tomlinson  
Protecting workers' rights John Tomlinson  
The Corporation's Power David Peetz  
You're Fired! David Peetz Play MIDI
Solidarity Forever (2005) Author not known  
Mark Allen John Warner Play MP3  or  
Morris McMahon Picket Shanty John Warner
Bye Bye Awards Bernard Carney
Play MP3  or  
Day2day work Condoluci, Ryan, Silec, Som Play MP3  or  
Come to the Meeting Don Henderson Play MP3  or  
Bring Out The Banners John Warner Play MP3  or  
Stand Together Bernard Carney Play MP3  or  
Hold That Line Geoff Francis and Peter Hicks Play MP3  or  
United Ginger Tom Play MP3  or  
Black Armband John Hospodaryk Play MP3  or  
Spanner in the Works Jack Mancor Play MP3  or  
Call To Arms Richard Mills  
Do the slowlychokie David Peetz  
Right That Time Maurie Mulheron Play MP3  or  
Stand and Defend Jim Lesses Play MP3  or  
Cowper Wharf Phyl Lobl  
Dear John Phyl Lobl  
The Telephone Tree Wendy Lowenstein Play MP3  or  
With These Arms Tim O'Brien Play MP3  or  
I Can't Abide John Dengate Play MP3  or  

On December Ist 2005 the Australian Government rammed through Senate its draconian anti-union laws with the appropriately Orwellian name WorkChoices. By March 2006 the details of the fine print and regulatory powers associated with these laws revealed their fascistic nature: laws of a corporate state. The laws were devised at the urging of corporations and make use of the Corporate Powers section of the Australian constitution.

These laws had a trial run a few years earlier in Western Australia (where they were so unpopular that the Liberal party has had to remove them from their State agenda in order to have any chance of re-election!) and since that time a significant number of songs and poems have dealt with the issues raised for workers and the union movement

Songs and poems dealing with AWAs or Individual Contracts and other provisions of the new laws are listed in this selection from the Union Songs collection. They show how well the union movement has been served by the pens of Australian poets and songwriters

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